What if there were a Black Friday deal on College Tuition?

TL;DR: www.quottly.com/blackfriday to save $300+ on tuition for $17, now through Cyber Monday.

College is expensive. Too expensive. But tomorrow, when seemingly everything is on sale, one thing won’t be — your college tuition.

Wouldn’t it be cool if there were a Black Friday sale on tuition? Now there is.

Granted, we can’t actually make your college give you a discount. But what we can do is register you for a class as a transient student — helping you take a class at another (cheaper) school. The credit is still guaranteed to count for your degree, and with online classes, you won’t ever need to leave your home campus.

Depending on your school and residency status, taking a class as a transient student can save you anywhere from $300 to $5,000 per class.

Normally, the process of finding a class that counts for credit, getting approval from your advisors, registering for the class, and making sure the credit is properly transferred back takes students five to ten hours. With Quottly, you can go from zero to registered, with thousands of savings, in less than 10 minutes.

Quottly can help you find classes that fit your budget and your schedule. Our algorithm searches based on your inputs and locates high quality courses that match your needs. We only share courses that your school will accept for credit, plus, we do the paperwork for you.

And now through the end of Cyber Monday, we’re reducing our normal $34/semester subscription fee, which gets you free registration for as many classes as you want, to just $17/semester.

Today through Monday, you can find & register for a class that saves you $300-$5,000 on college tuition for just $17. Check out www.quottly.com/blackfriday.

We’re currently serving students in Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, with more states to come soon.

Here’s some common questions regarding how this works:

  1. Does Quottly teach classes?

No. We don’t teach classes, nor create classes. Instead, we index classes from more than 500 accredited colleges and universities across the US. We help you find & register for the right class for you, which counts for your degree, and saves you money, but the class is taught by one of our 500+ accredited schools.

2. Does the university or college pay you?

Not a dime. We gather the courses from them, but they don’t pay us. When we recommend a class, it’s an unbiased recommendation.

3. Can you help all students?

Today, we’re serving students in Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. We’re working hard on being in all 50 states ASAP. If you don’t live in one of those states you can email james@quottly.com and he’ll apply your Black Friday discount retroactively when we do add the state.

4. What if I can’t find a class that’s right for me?

First, I doubt that will happen — we have more than 2,o00,000 courses from more than 500 colleges!

But if it does, just email james@quottly.com and we will happily refund your subscription.

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